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Colegas (Buddies) | Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

Sofia Cumple 100 Años (Sofia Turns 100) | FANON’s Laughing, Shorts & Caribbean Moves Day

Cert PG | Brazil / Portugal | 2012 | Director: Marcelo Galvão | With: Ariel Goldenberg, Rita Pokk, Breno Viola | Portuguese with English Subtitles.

Colegas is a feel-good comedy about three best friends with Down’s syndrome, who love movies and decide to escape from a care home, to go in search of their dreams. Inspired by the movie Thelma & Louise, they hit the road. Followed by FREE Portuguese buffet and LIVE Fado music.

Clique na bandeira para a versão em Português:-

Colegas Facebook Page

A Toca Restaurant



Cert PG | USA / UK | 2013 | Director: Pratibha Parmar | With: Alice Walker, Quincy Jones, Yoko Ono, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg.

A powerful documentary about the legendary writer and civil rights activist Alice Walker and her almost impossible story from poor farm girl to becoming one of America’s most celebrated writers, with books like The Color Purple.

With FREE Caribbean Buffet from 5.15pm.

Official Film Website

Ritzy Brixton

Argentina | 2010 | Director: Hernán Belón | Spanish with English subtitles

A charming, feel-good documentary on the life of a remarkable woman. Sofia approaches her 100th birthday, but in spite of sad moments (she was a Mother of Plaza de Mayo) and her forced exile, she is full of love, wisdom and passion for life.

Haz clic en la bandera para la versión en español:-


Official Film Website

PeckhamPlex Cinema


An afternoon of short films, Indian Laughing Yoga and Reggae Relaxation techniques for beginners by the legendary Jackie Guy MBE.

One of the short films we'll be screening is '30 Minutes By Day', a charming and funny story of an elderly couple's average day. FREE Caribbean lunch from 12.30pm.

All welcome!


'30 Minutes By Day' Trailer

Jackie Guy MBE Bio

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