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Brixton Reel and their partners collaborated with Thrive LDN & The Greater London Authority (GLA) to learn how they can do more to serve and support Londoners during the Covid 19 pandemic, by finding out how we’ve coped, what we need and by getting stories that can help inform the GLA on how to make their social and mental health services more accessible and make London a more inclusive place to live.

The webinars were also specifically aimed at LGBTQIA, Black, South Asian and Latin American communities.

The webinars were interactive discussions with a panel made up of London based Mental Health and Wellbeing professionals, who shared their experiences and their views on how London councils can better serve it's residents. You can watch the webinars below:

  Covid 19 Wellbeing Webinar | Black LGBTQIA   Covid 19 Wellbeing Webinar | South Asian LGBTQIA  
  Covid 19 Wellbeing Webinar | Latinx LGBTQIA   Covid 19 Wellbeing Webinar | LGBTQIA  
  Covid 19 Wellbeing Webinar | South Asian      
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