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Spanish / English with English subtitles | 85mins | India | Dir. Elías León Siminiani | with Elías León Siminiani.

A young Spanish director is fired from his job in television. Taking up his dream of making films, he travels to India hoping to make his first feature film and in the process retraces the journey made by his ex-girlfriend only to discover that his real investigation is not in India but in Madrid. However, when he gets home, things do not turn out exactly as he had expected...

Halfway between documentary and fiction, Mapa is a road movie in first person, as defined by its director, a 'movie-song'. Equally moving and wryly funny, Mapa is an evocation on how different lives can be in different halves of the globe.

It won Best Documentary at the Seville Film Festival and was nominated in the same category at Spain's prestigious Goya Awards.

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Brixton Reel (Spring Edition) celebrates health and well-being for the Portuguese communities of South London, with an evening of fun, Fado and food.

A free UK Premiere screening of Heaven’s Mirror, a gorgeous song-packed movie on the global passion for Fado music. It includes many famous fadistas and is directed by Joshua Dylan Mellars.

Also includes live Fado singing, talks and free Portuguese food courtesy of 'A Toca' Restaurant.



Brixton Reel also takes place at Peckhamplex (near Peckham Rye rail station), with an event dedicated to local Spanish speaking communities. Viva La Vida en Peckham celebrates Spanish and Latin American cultures with live Latin American songs, and the UK premiere of Spanish comedy Ghost Graduation.

We hope to also have some Mexican food goodie bags on the day!

Spain | Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera | Actors: Raúl Arévalo, Alexandra Jiménez and Javier Bódalo | Spanish with English subtitles.

UK Premiere of the Spanish feel-good comedy ‘Ghost Graduation’, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera. Think ‘Sixth Sense’ meets ‘The Breakfast Club’! A perfect Friday night sweet and hilarious tale about a teacher who has the gift to see dead people, which gets him into endless trouble and people thinking he is delusional. He starts at a new school, where he is soon haunted by a gang of teenage delinquent ghosts. He decides to force them to graduatein order to save the school.

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